Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Objectives / What we do

The Objectives

The objectives are to empower women at households and village youth giving them recognition as equal partners in livelihood activities as well as in the social development by capacity building in awareness in counseling, conflict solution, HIV aids, house hold harmony and peace, good governance, human rights, access to Law and its application and appropriate technology application to become partners in the decision making process at the house hold and improving the socio behavioral pattern within the family and the neighborhood while reducing the environment pollution caused because of chemical fertilizer usage.


Agriculture-Sustainable Development in livelihood at grass root level-The majority of the population living in the villages of Srilanka are living on agro base activities for their livelihood.

Dairy- Appropriate Technology Transfer at Small dairy farmers/Application of ICT 4 Dairy development in Srilanka small farmer dairying which has become the most acceptable secondary income generation activities at the rural households.

Craft- Utilization of Resources and raw materials in their environments to make additional income for their livelihood-The traditional craft skills of Srilanka produce very high quality craft product for the local and international markets

Youth/Women empowerment-Recognizing the youth & women as important stake holders in the rural development process with giving them the due recognition by developing their capacities in team work and leadership



SPDC won Best Award 2009
Service arm of vishwa e community development program, which made significant IC...more

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