Monday, February 19, 2018
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Our Clients

Green Earth Alliance (GEA)

An Organization which has the goal of balancing between Social Responsibility and Economic Profitability, GEA with its alliance partners is ready to provide a vehicle to accelerate Green, Sustainable and Responsible business growth by engaging committed GOs, NGOs/CSOs/SHGs and Corporate/Pvt. Sector to remove inequality in the society.

Lili Dairy

A self entrepreneurship involved in utilization of resources available in the rural environment and application of appropriate technology and linkages to enhance their effort to achieve better life style.

Swiss contact

Swisscontact is the organization of the Swiss private sector for development cooperation. Its aim is to promote private economic and social development in selected countries in the South and East through advisory services, training and continuing education. By applying the principle of helping others to help themselves, Swisscontact and its local partners are fighting poverty effectively.


GTZ is now GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Work according to the concept of sustainable development, GTZ’s corporate guiding principle. They implement programmes and projects together with their partners. This ensures that all local stakeholders identify strongly with the programmes and helps create lasting impact.
It is important to GTZ clients that their resources are used efficiently and effectively. That’s why they provide partners and institutions with targeted capacity development.

Dambadneiya Development Foundation

The Dambadeniya Development Foundation (DDF) is a grassroots organization in Western Sri Lanka committed to improving the lives of women and children in the villages of Dambadeniya. DDF takes a holistic approach to community development, offering women and youth the opportunity to participate in microfinance initiatives, vocational training and skills development, nutrition and health programs, cultural and sports activities, and both English and Tamil literacy education.

Srilanka Samurdhi Authority

The Samurdhi Movement which has the building of a prosperous Sri Lanka through a comprehensive development among disadvantaged groups in the society as its mission has kept numerous progressive as a pilot project towards sustainable development.  This programme has become a viable movement  which has effected a comparative revolution in the field of development. Thus it has contributed to bring in positive changes in the economic and social levels of low income families.

ILO Entergrowth

Enterprise for Pro-poor Growth, or Enter-Growth for short, is a project of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), and the Ministry of Enterprise Development and Investment Promotion. Its goal is to contribute to pro-poor economic growth and quality employment for women and men, through an integrated programme for development of micro and small enterprises.

Department of Animal Production & Health

The Department of Animal Production and Health (DAPH) is the state organization which is responsible for providing technical leadership to the livestock Industry and its stakeholders in Sri Lanka. The DAPH, which  is located in Peradeniya, in the Hill Capital of Kandy, Sri Lanka is being functioned under the Ministry of Livestock and Rural Community Development.

Srilanka Packaging Institute

THE OBJECTS OF THE INSTITUTE ARE: To promote, develop and safeguard the interests, concerns and needs of the Packaging Industry and the Packaging community in general and to act as its organ of representation. To conduct courses and encourage the conduct of courses and educational  Programmes to enable persons to acquire professional certification, and to increase awareness of developments in the field of packaging.

Lanka Academic Network

Enhance education, Internet accessibility to students and provide information about Sri Lanka to the world.


Oneworld SouthAsia

OneWorld South Asia. Bringing together a network of people and groups working for human rights and sustainable development from across the globe.



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